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t it yourself 
often talks to me. His calmness makes me even more afraid. "This is... yes." I can't say it anymore. Wow, the tears flowed down. "Cry what, I didn't yell at you, you said it." Father said, I still cry, I don't know. I was crying, maybe I was afraid, maybe I was repenting. In short, my crying continued suddenly Cigarettes For Sale. My father grabbed my waist and picked me up. I said nothing, brought me home, I I am even more afraid. If my mother knows this, she must clean up me. So my crying is even louder. Not only are tears in my eyes, but my nose is also sticky and my father is covered. When I got home, my father said to me, don't cry, let your mother see it and ask, then I can't help it, hold back, let's talk. Although I was still very uncomfortable, I still forcibly resisted. My father quietly opened the door, hugged me, entered the door, turned on the light, and entered my room. "Don't hide. Who is this?" The father sat on the bed and asked me. "If you don't say it, let your mom ask." He added. I am arrogant, or I said the name. "Give him back tomorrow and apologize to him. "My father said, my tears fell out. I don't understand that the person doesn't know. I can't do it. I strongly want to bring this car to myself, but I don't know how to tell my father, tears flow. "Son, this is not your thing, no, it is not." The father saw what I meant and the tone became serious. "I...I." I can't express my meaning clearly, and my voice is stuttering. "Things must be returned to others. If you want, you can get it yourself." Father patted my head. I groaned, I didn't know what happened, my father went out, left me alone in the room, the lights were bright, the tears were blurred, the face was cold and cold, and I felt like a dream, reminiscent of my father's words. After a while, my father came back. There are more wires in his hand that he often carries. "When we were young, what kind of toys were made by ourselves." Father said, he did it. "At that time, a grass can play for a long time, but it is a grass, and you have to go to the mountains yourself. I can't take someone else's." When the father finished, he took the red thread that wrapped around the wire. My tears had stopped and I looked at my father. He went on to say, "You can take this wire and do a lot of things." He first took out the root wire and bent it with a vise. The wire was thick and it took a little effort. I saw that the blue veins on my father's hands were slightly convex. Soon, a shelf is formed, but it is not what it is. Then, he straightened straight, tied with a vise, one end, the other hand spinning on the wire, turning the wire over, playing a few laps, I stared at the father's face, his expression focused, skin Black and black, and my white in sharp contrast, his eyes are bright, when the neighbors look for him to repair the phone, he blinks, turn on the phone to see, listen to the noise, you know the problem There are a lot of interesting ideas hidden in this eye. He will take me to the mountains to find chestnuts to dig bamboo shoots. He will make kites and gather stones to catch fish. Now I don��t know what he is thinking about. When I came back, the wire had already begun to look like a little man. He took out some small colored wires and wrapped them around his hands and feet. The last little man appeared. He smiled and said: "The first time I do this, I will give you a car and do the plane later. Later, you will learn to do it yourself. Fly!" He picked me up and circled in place. Also broke into laughter, giggling his father to let me down, said: "Hold this, that toy car, must be returned to others." "Well." I whispered. "If you don't dare, I will accompany you." After the father finished, he looked at the villain and smiled and said: "When you look at the wire, when you are on the pole, you have to stretch it tightly, pull it straight, here. We must also be tightly wounded to maintain our living. We must stand tight and stand straight, so that we can do it well. He goes out, lights, and turns off. I am holding a villain to sleep, and sleep sweetly. After seeing the wires, I will smile inadvertently. From then on, I will never tamper with other people��s things. Yes, people have to be stretched straight and tight. This is what my father taught me and is also the basic person Marlboro Red. I think, father, is such a wire father's words: In fact, he wrote these, is a father should do, children can not tell the right or wrong, adults have to correct, in fact, I have no way to control my son, mostly Still his mother is educating Newport Cigarettes, but the big direction can't be wrong. This kid said that I am like a wire, or a wire, it is not bad
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