In spring, the

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In spring, the 
In spring, the wind warms. I am a small green willow, standing on the edge of a small pond. Feeling the temperature of the wind, watching my branches dance, the wind makes me full of envy. So I really want to see what the wind looks like in the pond. When the wind passes, it will layer up and stratify the microwave. I am very excited, the wind is so beautiful, the layers of the secluded water grass dance with the waves. The wind stroking the green grass by the pool, the grass is low-lying waist, respectful to the wind. The wind is respectable! The wind blew through, bringing out a burst of pleasing sound, ah! The wind is still a musician on the edge of the pond, I am a small willow tree! Since then, I have had a dream in my heart. I wake up on that day and the wind energy of the horse is stopping for me. He is handsome, he is versatile, and his desire to provoke me to love me is finally realized in a day when the catkins are flying. The wind swirled around me and fluttered the sky with my florist. My excitement, my gratitude, my mood flutters with the wicker. I felt the temperature of the wind, soft, let me intoxicate, let me fall into my dreams and don't want to be awake. His touch is the most beautiful expectation of my life, I love, love this warm tenderness, my heart sinks deeply into the romance that the wind has created for me, I can't extricate myself, this little willow, Deeply in love with the free and easy wind, the wind is not a hot summer, it is a day of wind and rest. This summer is also my happiest moment. I have a deep understanding of the gentleness of the wind. His stroking seems to be nothing, gentle to be touchless, just like the romance in dreams, let me this little willow tree, do not want to come out in this dream. I know the screaming screams, because with the company of the wind, I am also intoxicated like a concert, I know, the wind is around! The sun is like a fire, I don't feel hot, the wind is by my side, it is cool for me, our romance has been going on, I am always intoxicated by the temperature of the wind! Whenever you see passing pedestrians, the hot sweat is flowing back. My heart is very proud, I am not hot, I have the wind! There is no sputum in the pond. The level is like a mirror to shine on my shadow. My green willow leaves, because of the wind, accompanied by more and more green drops. Dressing at the lake, I want to use my best makeup, so that the wind does not regret my love! Oh Newport 100S, the wind will accompany me around, I feel his existence, his gentleness still makes me nostalgic. Autumn is a mature season. I looked at the golden color in the distant wilderness, and the dazzling color was a beautiful scenery in the field. I love to watch, that is the credit of the wind! Because of the wind, I am proud! Countless flowers have folded for him. I used to worry about this because I was worried that the wind would lose my gentleness because of the beauty of those flowers! Silly smile Marlboro Red, the wind is still passionate about me! I always feel his gentle touch Wholesale Cigarettes, which makes me always intoxicated. I am happy to watch the wind blowing around myself. Sometimes I will make a spin around me, make a happy laugh, then fly toward the wilderness. There dance for me! My happiness is full Marlboro Lights, it is because of the existence of the wind! Sometimes I dance my branches and dance happily with the wind in this harvest season! I also spread my own green leaves Marlboro Gold, like a happy note, waving around us! I love, I love the dance of the wind, that is the symbol of our love! The cold winter is coming, my sorrow, let me lose the romance of the past, look at my arms, I am cold, I demand the wind to bring me warmth, see him call in the field, I feel for the first time To the cruelty of the wind. I was afraid, I was afraid that he would yell at me. He was spinning between the branches of my light, looking at me with cold eyes, like watching a lamb to be slaughtered. He ravaged through the ruins of his flowers and plants, and even the silent earth and stone did not let go. I was shocked and stunned, and I was desperate to be in the world. I wanted to hide myself in a place where the wind could not find. However, the wind is everywhere, and anyone who is desperate can see it! There are no tears, those things are not tolerated by the wind, I have not seen the water of the pond, and I have been layered by the wind. I beg the wind and let me go Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I have nothing! The wind is more cruel to me. My little willow tree, how the wind is angry, my roots must see the naked eyes, the wind sneer, become my permanent dream, I slowly fall Next, watching the nakedness of the roots in the cold wind, the fundamentals of my survival have thus lost the last glory of life, and my unwillingness has disappeared with the love of the wind and love and hate!

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