sit there and s

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sit there and s 
21 days, 21 days, only 21 days left. She was silent in her heart. In the face of this cruel fact (and 21 days of college entrance examination), she didn't know what to do, so she had to sit there and stay in the class. Even if she was studying in the evening, it would be chaotic and could not make people quiet. Reading. She did not join the discussion team, still sitting quietly in front of the window, breathing the slightly earthy fragrance of the wind. She is a girl who likes to be quiet, always sitting quietly during breaks. In the front row, she was not disgusted with the classmates, but she smiled slightly. In the eyes of others, she seems very arrogant, but I don��t think so. She once told me that she is a lonely dancer Marlboro Lights. A stage of life is staged with a sad dance. A pessimistic person is a youthful friendship. It seems to be a game of teasing people. At the moment of gathering, it is destined to be separated. The days of separation from the students are getting closer and closer. She added a lot of inexplicable sadness. She knew that "there is no banquet in the world," but she did not want to face this fact. She was more sad and she was called the pre-test syndrome by her classmates. She smiled bitterly: "I If it is This 'terminal illness' that nobody got Although only a joke, but it seems to me a kind of self-deprecating sense mokingusacigarettes.com. As a poor student Parliament Cigarettes, she often puts her smile on her face, but no one knows her inner sadness. "After 21 days, we have to carry out the funeral of youth, use the college entrance examination to bury our youth. Finally, we use the coagulated blood to create a youth tombstone. She told her face that there is no look, I looked at her pale face, helpless I had to respond to the phrase "You are evanescent, and the years are difficult to stay." She is so embarrassed Cigarettes For Sale, she once said to me, "Dream, I like Dai Wangshu's "Rain Lane" Cheap Cigarettes, like that with a paper umbrella, alone in the long, A lilac girl with a long, lonely rain lane. "From now on, I realized why she likes to be alone on campus, likes to listen to sad songs, like a moon-stricken moon watching a sad girl, hoping she can live happily."
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