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China's 9.6 mil 
China's 9.6 million territory has laid out the unique design style of our buildings. The courtyard of Beijing is stable and stable; the hanging corner of Xiangxi is not suspended; the caves in Shaanxi are natural. These buildings represent the high development of the ancients in the construction industry and adapt to the local climatic conditions. However, the above-mentioned buildings are too far away from my life to be properly analyzed. I still choose the building around me, the most common southern house Newport Cigarettes, to talk about its merits in architectural design. Take my ancestral home as an example. This is a two-storey, three-story brick building with a front yard for drying clothes. The whole house is gray-black, the first floor consists of a lobby, two bedrooms, a pharmacy studio and a kitchen. The second floor also has two bedrooms, a shady storage room and a room for the sundries. In the 1960s and 1970s, he assumed the living effect of a family of nine people. All the rooms were compact and intricate, and all of them were designed as an ordinary house. All of them were designed with practicality as the first requirement, so they looked very simple, but In this simplicity, it also has a few lines of Jiangnan charm to set up three steps in the old house. This is mainly related to the hot and rainy climate in the south of the Yangtze River. The steps can reduce the tidal level of the ground during the rainy season, while the Wenzhou area faces the sea. In the summer, many typhoons flooded, and this step also played a certain role in flood control Parliament Cigarettes. At the same time, the steps also have the role of status in the local area. Some people have five or six steps, and the visual effect is very good. In the old days, there was no glass, and the doors and windows were made of red-painted wood. Nowadays, the paint on the door has fallen. It is a dark red and brown combination. It seems to be out of place, but it is more Come out with a sense of beauty Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The house is dark for a long time, but it is a special scenery when the wooden board is pushed open and the stick is attached. The wooden board can cover the rain, and drying the clothes under the window can also prevent the rain from getting wet. The house in Jiangnan must be tiled, laid down obliquely, and looking at the sun lazily. The tile can absorb heat and tilt the design to better block the sunlight and keep the temperature inside the house suitable. At the same time, the gap between the tiles can act as a rain guide, so that the roof does not accumulate rain, but downstream. Next, it will moisturize the most beautiful objects in the whole building. The arched bluestone is tilted up and engraved with a beast. It is braided, and although it is eroded by wind and rain, it has a demeanor. However, when it comes to carving techniques, a house can't be fully displayed. However, there is a large house in the village, built in the Republic of China. Its door is engraved with patterns, unicorns, wishful flowers, flowers, miscellaneous and not chaotic, and these are not overwhelming. These carvings hang the glory of the old mansion, once overlooking everyone. Nowadays, I am facing the surrounding high-rise buildings. Only when I look up can I know that I don��t know the door and its rich carvings. In the old days, Wang Xietang was in front of Yan, flying into the homes of ordinary people. It is self-evident that the ground inside the old house is composed of large flat bluestone plates. Cheng, its water permeability and hardness are far better than ceramic tiles, and it is widely accepted for its easy cleaning. Let the whole house, refreshing a lot of old houses, like an ordinary old woman, an old country, but the mild and rainy climate, let the front of the open space grow a lot of gorgeous wildflowers, plus planted in the early years, now flourishing The two iron trees make the whole building blend into nature, and integrate it into nature, so that the house has aura. This aura is not only belonging to the old house, but also belongs to the entire Jiangnan, and the thousands of old houses are joined together. A microcosm of culture.
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