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Hello! Lifting 
Hello! Lifting the pen, there are words that are not grateful. Therefore, I will guess a riddle first. There is a person, no matter where we go, it is accompanied by her enlightenment education; there is a kind of love, only the saplings cultivated are full of fruit. Do you know who this person is, what is this kind of love? Tell you that this person is called a "teacher" and this kind of feeling is called "teachers and students". Dear Teacher Zhong, I am ou know? If you lose your care How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, lose your teaching, lose your encouragement, and lose your cultivation, how can my growth path be so smooth? Teacher Zhong, you are the encouragement of my failure, the support of learning, the care in illness, how important you are to me! Many students feel that you are a very good teacher. Not everyone can be called "excellent", nor is it that ordinary people can get "excellent". Teacher Zhong, you love the students with your heart and let the students moisturize your love like honey! In the past, my composition was like a pile of scattered sand, the statement was unreasonable, the typos were contiguous, the focus was not prominent, the organization was unclear, and the paragraph was unclear. It was really a running account! Later, under your careful guidance, I gradually liked the composition and liked to read the extracurricular books. In this way, my composition was further improved. past, I lacked self-confidence and blindly degraded myself. Later, with your encouragement and support, I am full of confidence and sunshine to face life. In the past, I was a very weak child, and when I encountered difficulties, I became a tortoise. Later, with your patience, I finally learned to take the courage to face difficulties and meet setbacks. In the past Marlboro Gold Pack, I was an ignorant child, and when I encountered aggrieved things, I would make a lot of noise. Later, under your care, I finally became a sensible student and learned to be strong. In the past, I was a very small child, and I had to worry about the trivial matters. Later, with your reminders and education, I finally learned tolerance and patience... In this way, I slowly changed around you. You have achieved extraordinary results under ordinary posts, what a respectable teacher! do you want me to thank you? Dear teacher! Dear Mr. Zhong, maybe you have forgotten everything I have done, because you have cultivated a lot of talents. However, you will be memorable for me, because you have changed me, you have used my love to nourish my heart. Teacher Zhong, when I leave, my words are translated into three words: I love you! I wish you a smooth job. Your student: Tan Shuying's famous teacher comment: The letter from the little author to the teacher is very sincere Parliament Cigarettes. From the line between the words, you can see the little author's gratitude to the teacher. A prominent feature of this essay is the use of multiple styles of sentence patterns Cigarettes Online, which increases the momentum of the composition and the rhythm of the language, and increases the appeal of the composition. The contrasting writing method writes out the importance of the teacher's help to himself, and makes the readers more aware of the gratitude of ��I�� to the teacher. Individual places also need to be carefully crafted Newport 100S. It is more appropriate to change "from here" to "here."


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